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Life, as I like to call it, has a tendency to take over everything. We can start a week on the right foot with all the intentions in the world to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but life will find a way to interfere. Unfortunately we all get side tracked by life, most of the time it’s with work or family. We are so focused on everything and everyone else, we neglect to take care of ourselves. When that happens our health is usually where we get hit the hardest.

This has happened to me and many people I know. I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing personal trainer while living in California that helped me transform myself back to the person I wanted to be. The changes were physical and mental as I reached goals and created new ones for myself. My trainer became my friend and mentor as I began my journey as a personal trainer. What he had done for me I wanted to do for others. Fast forward almost 9 years and I’m living in Utah, I have my own gym and I have paid it forward to a friend of mine, Casey, that was ready to change his life.

Casey was weighing in at over 511 lbs. and to be honest with you, I was concerned for his life. I knew that if he continued down the path he was on, he probably wouldn’t be around too much longer. I reached out to him about making changes in his life with fitness and nutrition and challenged him to a 5 day nutrition cleanse. Only after showing me the commitment from those 5 days would I know that he was truly ready to change his life for good.

It’s been 15 months since Casey made life changing decision. He is now 296 lbs. (down 214 lbs to date) and his transformation is not over. Along his journey, he has become a certified personal trainer himself and we want to continue to pay it forward and help others accomplish what he has.

TZF Paying it Forward Challenge

Ready to transform your life? Are you ready to make a time, effort, nutrition and accountability commitment? This challenge will test your physical and mental capabilities. It’s not a walk in the park and we want to help 4 people that are really ready to change their life around. Let us know why you’re ready to transform and you could be 1 of the lucky 4 selected.

Enter before August 22, 2014 for a chance to be 1 of 4 selected winners in our “Pay it Forward” transformation challenge. 4 Lucky winners will receive 12 months of free group training, nutrition guidance and support from the TZF family.

To enter, you must submit an email with your name, current stats, contact information, a current photo and 500 word essay telling us why you are ready to transform your life. Please submit entries via email to payitforward@trainerzonefitness.com before August 22, 2014. *Selected winners will be notified on September 7, 2014. Training will begin September 8, 2014 through September 7, 2015.

Challenge Rules

1. Entry must come from person interested in being selected. No 3rd party entries.
2. Entry must include a current photograph.
3. 500 word essay must be included to be considered for selection.
4. Final 8 candidates must meet with trainers for an face to face interview.

*Due to the 1 week submission deadline extension and overwhelming number of submissions, we need an extra week to get through all the essays. Winner notification will be on September 7, 2014.


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