Hi my name is Shelley Cucinotta, I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach figure competition coach and transformation coach. I love lifting weights, cardio vascular conditioning and coming up with challenging workouts that push myself to the limit. As figure competitor the challenge of competing is exhilarating. The ability to change my body inside and out through nutrition and training is very rewarding and exciting. I love cooking. I enjoy taking recipes that are unhealthy and creating new healthy clean versions that are still amazing.

I am married to my best friend and am honored to be the mother of two amazing young girls. My family and my health are two of the most important things in my life. I have learned and grown so much from my husband, daughters, family, friends and clients. Being a coach and trainer is not just a job it is who I am. I do not ask clients to do what I will not. We learn and grow together each and every day. I genuinely believe every person can achieve their dream, whatever it may be.

My experience:
– Personal training since 2009, Nutrition coaching and competition coach since 2013
– NASM- certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition coach, weight loss coach, corrective exercise specialist
– Precision Nutrition- nutrition coach
– Functional Movement Systems- functional movement specialist (currently working on)

As well as years of research on exercise physiology, psychology of weight loss, nutrition, body image, and body contouring.

I create workout plans for clients that are challenging and effect as well as safe. I guide and educate my clients on nutrition and healthy lifelong eating habits. I believe in giving a client the total package when they hire me as their trainer/coach. I feel it is very important to keep a balance to training and in life.

Coach Shelley offers small group training at 0600 and 0930 on M-W-F.
Email or text to schedule your sessions rawfitnesscoaching@gmail.com or 385-201-4691