My name is Mike, like most guys, my interest in exercise stems back to my high school days. I have done a lot of stupid training throughout those years, following random websites, taking random advice from total strangers, and have tried many different tactics over the last 12 years, in pursuit of the type of physique I am looking for. Never having any guidance through those years has gotten me mixed results, but not quite what I was seeking. It wasn’t until I sought out mentorship from others that I was heading in the direction I wanted. I have done bodybuilding competitions and placed 3rd in my second show before I decided that was not the route I wanted to keep pursuing.
I started training like an athlete from then on and haven’t looked back since. My experience with athletic style training has taught me that it has the most transferability to the real world, whatever your goals may be. I have worked with coaches from various sources over the past couple years, Precision Nutrition, StrongFirst, etc. and have learned more from those than I ever did trying to tackle everything on my own. Accepting the fact that there is always more to learn has taught me to never stop pursuing more knowledge in the world of fitness, and to become the best possible coach. I am a StrongFirst Level I and Precision Nutrition Level I coach, and currently hold a Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah. I am working on obtaining the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) credential from the NSCA.
I am very passionate about learning from the top coaches in the world to help you achieve your goals as an individual.

Coach Mike offers personal training in private and semi-private sessions. Email for more information