Have you ever started your week off feeling great and with full intentions to stay active every day, but then you find yourself drowning at work or with family obligations? I know I have and it’s one of those things that makes me feel down and sluggish. It tends to ruin the rest of my day. Some days I recover and others I never seem to find the time to accomplish anything remotely active.
Well, we have a solution for you. Daily #TIMETOMOVE facebook and twitter posts that remind you to get off your butt and move. It’s sort of like Fight Club, but our fitness version. We won’t ever ask you to pick a fight with a stranger or ask you not to talk about our little club. We want you to tell everyone what you’re doing and hopefully get them to join you in the active fun.
Here’s how it works
Once you’ve liked our facebook page or followed us on Twitter, you’ll see a #TIMETOMOVE post at any hour of the day. You then, stop what you’re doing no matter where you are and you get it done! See, it’s sort of like Fight Club.
Helps us spread the word about #TIMETOMOVE and get active!


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