Slade Nevarez


In February of 2013 my jaw was broken in a rugby match. At the time I weighed 203lbs & was eating four meals of fast food a day. After losing 33lbs in two months from being forced to eating only liquids. I decided instead of feeling miserable for myself, this was a second chance. 2013 my life changed & my fitness journey began. I got myself into great shape. While maintaining my weight at 170lbs. Then in 2015 I had back surgery. I was down but not out. I once again put on weight & was unable to workout. I had to start from the bottom…AGAIN. I became even more motivated. Once people saw my transformation they were inspired. I had the realization that personal training was the life for me. I became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I played rugby for 10 years & completed the speed/agility course at TOSH. I am battle rope certified through the ONNIT academy & I train in MMA (mixed martial arts).

I specialize in weight loss, body weight, stabilization strength, & speed/agility training modalities.
I love one on one training & I have group classes as well.

Lets achieve our goals together!

contact me at e-mail: slademadefitness@gmail.com  or my cell: 801-884-8685 text or calls accepted.