Ben Silvester


Unlike many trainers out there I have not always had a passion for fitness. Although I have always enjoyed sports, competing in my high school swim and track teams, and lived an active life, I used to hate going to the gym. That all changed eight years ago when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Chron’s disease. I quickly found that I felt measurably better when I was more active. I started going to the gym more often and being more careful about what I ate. Eight years later I am currently in remission and enjoying an active, healthy life.

Because of this experience I decided to become a personal trainer so I could help others feel and perform better. From helping a volleyball player increase her vertical jump six inches in two months, helping a young mom with chronic back pain find relief, or helping a high school football player make major gains in strength and speed, I have had the opportunity to help a variety of people.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Neuroscience at Brigham Young University and have been certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and I am a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC).

I specialize in strength and conditioning, athletic training, jump training, and rehabilitation.

Contact me for a session at chronicfitness0@gmail.com or text me at (801) 309-9008.