Rugby Strong


Did you know coach Slade offers a rugby – sport specific group training class? Now you do. Here’s what he has to offer:

I’ve been playing rugby for 11 years and know what it takes to succeed on the field. I went from playing hooker with the forwards to outside center with the backs. 80 minutes of sweat, determination, and organized chaos. That’s what I can prepare you for in my rugby group training class. I focus on functional body weight movements. In rugby there are no pads, sticks, or other tools, just your body and what you’re able to do with it. I’ll teach you how to use your body the right way. Build the strength to lay a hit and the toughness to take one. Gain the speed and agility to fly by your opposition before they can even react. Whether you want to start your fitness journey, become a better athlete, or improve on the fitness you already have, there’s a spot for you in my class. I train rugby players of all ages, male or female. If you’re a local rugby player, contact me to get the “RUGGER” discount. Also for any of you coaches out there that want to condition your little ruggers to the next level, hit me up. Even if you don’t play rugby but want to get in great physical condition in a team friendly environment, my group classes are every Monday and Wednesday night from 8:30 to 9:30pm. (I will be adding more classes during winter).

To contact TZF coach Slade, click here.


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