Ready for the Holiday Season?

It’s around this time each year that the all the goodies start to surface at home, in the office and just walking the mall. Temptation to eat those unhealthy foods is everywhere as it appears in the form of gift baskets showing up at the office and the samples at the store. Let’s not forget about Thanksgiving feast where the food is plenty and eating yourself into a food coma is the norm. It’s pretty common for most people to put on an extra 10 pounds during this time of year, but you can make the decision now to do your best to keep it under control. Here’s a few suggestions that will help.

Be prepared this year as the holiday season approaches by:

1. Selecting the fruit or veggies instead of candy, cookies and chocolate.

2. Having a lunch bag with healthy, satisfying snack choices that will help you avoid the bad snacks.

3. Get a jump start on your fitness before the new year. How many times have you put fitness on your New Year’s Resolution list only to not follow through? Avoid the extra 10 pounds and start the new year ahead of the game.

4. Find someone to exercise with. Having someone else keep you accountable will keep you on your toes and can lead to some healthy competition.

5. Drink plenty of water. A lot of times the cold weather keeps us from drinking water. Fact is, most of us are chronically dehydrated. Especially during the winter months.

I’d love to see your comments on ways you avoid the holiday season weight gain. If you’re ready to get started on your fitness, contact Trainer Zone Fitness to schedule your FREE session and be ready for the holiday season.


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