Pursuing her Goals


It’s only in this line of work that you get to meet amazing people everyday and help them achieve their fitness goals. In many ways it goes beyond the physical training into the mental preparedness as you reach new levels. Knowing that you can do something is just as important as actually doing it.
We had the opportunity to work with Alex who was preparing for the challenge of her life. We only had 3 weeks to prep, but I think she was happy with the results. Here’s what Alex had to say about training at TZF.

I met Tom at the Utah National Guard facility where he trains Soldiers four days a week. I went to one of his classes and I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to details.

I have been a Soldier for six years and I have maintained myself physically strong and mentally ready because I always wanted the opportunity to go through the tactical military school that have been predominant or only available to men.

Being that the military is implementing a new program where females may have to opportunity to apply for those schools, I have been training; however, I was expecting that to happen in the end of 2015.

To my surprise, one of the schools opened the very first assessment. The notification came fast and I had only three weeks to get ready – When I saw the notification, my heart pounded, I remember thinking “I really want to do this, but can I make it?”

The female volunteers were required to attend the assessment and be evaluated on the ability to perform tasks and phase requirements, the list of events included:

    • The Physical Assessment – A minimum of 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups, 5-mile run in 40 minutes, and 6 chin-ups
    • 12-mile foot march in 3 hours (with weight on… a lot of weight on!);
    • The Combat Water Survival Assessment (CWSA)
    • Night and day land navigation
    • Warrior Tasks and Drills
    • 2 Obstacle Courses
    And more

I submitted my application and I was chosen to go through the assessment. I remember while reading the welcoming letter, I felt extremely happy and extremely concerned at the same time.

On that same day I had spoken with Tom about the possibility of going through the assessment, and that if chosen to participate in it, I would need help getting ready. Tom was very cheerful about the opportunity (being a former active duty Marine himself) and told me that he would do his best working with me in the limited time I had before going to the assessment.

I was physically strong; however, there were barriers and weak spots. Tom’s approach was to maintain, and even improve on, my strong points and work to improve where I was weak. He setup a diet regiment for me and a workout program around my busy schedule. To say the least, Tom prioritized my needs into pursuing my goals.

The assessment I went through is considered one of the most demanding assessments the military put Soldiers through, and thanks to Tom I felt ready to take it on. After my performance, I was selected and I am on my way to reaching my professional goals in the tactical schools in the military.

Thank you Tom!!
Soldier, Woman, Mother!


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