Making the cut


We had the privilege of helping our client, Amanda, pursue her dream of becoming a Firefighter. When Amanda came to TZF we immediately noticed her passion and drive for reaching her goal. We identified her strengths and her weaknesses and designed a plan to prepare her for the Fire Academy test. Here’s what she had to say:

I came to Trainer Zone Fitness in November. I was looking for a ways to get myself in shape and ready for the Fire Fighting Recruit academy. I had been doing my own workouts but knowing I had to do 3 pull ups the first night of the academy to continue on with my dream, and knowing that I couldn’t even do one pull-up I decided to give Trainer Zone Fitness a try. I had 6 weeks until the first day of the Academy. Tom told me he would have me doing pull-ups by then. He gave me workouts to do before each class sessions and I worked on those an extra 5 mins or so. 5 weeks later, I jumped up to the pull up bar and did 6 pull ups. I got past the first day of the academy and I am almost half way through with it. I continue to workout at Trainer Zone Fitness, and I feel like I get stronger and stronger every week.
Thanks TZF

Bod Pod results
Fat- Starting 30.2 ending 24.5 45.8lbs/35.8
Lean- started 69.8 end 76.5. 105.9lbs/110.1
Weight- 151.7 end 145.9



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