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Rugby Strong

Did you know coach Slade offers a rugby - sport specific group training class? Now you do. Here's what he has to offer:

I've been playing rugby for 11 years and know what it takes to succeed on the field. I went from playing hooker with the forwards to outside center with the backs. 80 minutes of sweat, determination, and organized chaos. (more…)

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Making the cut

We had the privilege of helping our client, Amanda, pursue her dream of becoming a Firefighter. When Amanda came to TZF we immediately noticed her passion and drive for reaching her goal. We identified her strengths and her weaknesses and designed a plan to prepare her for the Fire Academy test. Here's what she had to say: (more…)
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Pursuing her Goals

It's only in this line of work that you get to meet amazing people everyday and help them achieve their fitness goals. In many ways it goes beyond the physical training into the mental preparedness as you reach new levels. Knowing that you can do something is just as important as actually doing it. We had the opportunity to work with Alex who was preparing for the challenge of her life. We only had 3 weeks to prep, but I think she was happy with the results. Here's what Alex had to say about training at TZF. (more…)
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TZF Paying it Forward *UPDATED

Life, as I like to call it, has a tendency to take over everything. We can start a week on the right foot with all the intentions in the world to live a healthy and active lifestyle, but life will find a way to interfere. Unfortunately we all get side tracked by life, most of the time it's with work or family. We are so focused on everything and everyone else, we neglect to take care of ourselves. When that happens our health is usually where we get hit the hardest. (more…)
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Have you ever started your week off feeling great and with full intentions to stay active every day, but then you find yourself drowning at work or with family obligations? I know I have and it's one of those things that makes me feel down and sluggish. It tends to ruin the rest of my day. Some days I recover and others I never seem to find the time to accomplish anything remotely active. (more…)

We’re Unique

Wide open spaces, logs, chains & water cans are only some of the unique pieces of arsenal we have in our line up of fitness equipment. It's our unique training method and style that brings back the FUN to exercise and fitness.