Trainer Zone Fitness was established for two reasons. First, to provide a high-energy training facility for anyone looking to improve their health through physical fitness in a trainer/client only environment. Second, for the entrepreneurial minded personal trainers that are sick of the corporate gym model and want to create something more for themselves and their clients. We want everyone to be part of the TZF family.
CLIENTS: Trainer Zone Fitness empower you as the client to browse through our list of trainers and pick the right one for you and your goals. With all the different backgrounds, experience, specialty and focus, we’re sure you’ll find the right trainer for you.
TRAINERS: If you’re looking for a place to call home where you can train your clients, look no further. Trainer Zone Fitness is the place for you! We are constantly looking for the best trainers around that bring different experience and background to the table. Contact tom@trainerzonefitness.com for more details.