3 Keys to Quick Weight Loss, Gaining Muscle Fast and Permanent Fat Loss

The majority of gym goers are locked into a foggy series of actions that lead nowhere. “But they’re working out” you may say. I disagree. They are at the gym, but they are far from working out. Most people that frequent gyms are just stuck in a rut, whether they want to admit it or not.

Most of us have good intentions when joining a gym or starting any exercise program. Losing weight for your wedding, dropping body fat for the new bikini, or gaining muscle to look more manly. But here’s where most people fumble.. they start showing up, wandering around and just using whatever they know how to use. There’s no strategic path, there’s no clear goal and there is definitely no intensity to make it happen.

Here are 3 main factors that will help you get to your goal faster than you ever thought possible.

Lose weight faster than you ever thought possible.

Pile on muscle faster than anyone at your gym.

Here are the secret factors that no one ever talks about that will help you develop the body you have always wanted.

1. You have to know what you want, why you want it and when you are going to achieve it. Goal setting is the foundation of success. Developing the body you desire also takes planning. Do you know what you want to achieve in the gym? Is it a flat stomach, gigantic shoulders, a record breaking squat, a higher vertical jump? What result are you looking for? Got it? Ok, now why do you want that? Here’s a secret, it better be important. If you are not passionate about your goals, then when distractions come up and life gets in the way, you will lose focus and you wont get the results you desire. So, take some time and make your goals clear, figure out why you want em, and lastly set a deadline. You’ve gotta have something to shoot for, to chase, to strive for in order to win.

2. Next is the secret to success in the gym. If you wanna pass everyone in your gym and get incredible results, here is the number one secret: INTENSITY. Most people just go through the motions, never pushing themsleves, never making progress, never changing anything. We are creatures of habit, but in order to make progress we have to break through that monotony. People that gain muscle, move big weights or lose weight successfully walk into the gym with a purpose. They are focussed on their goals and they are going to workout with everything they’ve got. You’ve probably seen them at your gym and there is no doubt that they are there to kick butt and get results. If your goals are clear and important, then the next step is to walk in the gym with a winning attitude, ready to work harder than ever, push yourself and earn the results you desire!

3. Consistency is key! Everyone has heard to story of the tortoise and the hair. Most people start a program, then fizzle out. They are too tired, too sore, too busy, etc. If you want to make a dramatic change in your body and/or your performance, then a consistent, focused level of intensity conquers all. On the road to your goal there are always bumps in the road and everything wont go as planned, but if you are consistent and fight through the challenges, you will be rewarded, I promise!

So, get focused on your objective, develop passion for that result, work harder than ever and stay consistent no matter what gets in your way. Anything is possible if you apply these tips to your workouts.


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