Welcome to Trainer Zone Fitness

We're unique. We're innovative. We're a playground for fitness. Definitely not your typical run of the mill gym full of aisles of equipment. We love our wide open spaces and the freedom to move about freely. We are a private gym that gets client ready for whatever life throws their way. We offer Spartan classes for $79/mo & DEKAFIT classes for only $99/mo or $10 drop-in! 


We apply what we do in the gym to real life. We love adventure. We seek out challenges. Life is not about just sagital movement, triple extension or power lifting. We push, pull, bend, twist, lunge, squat & gait to our hearts content with a boat loads of contralateral movement.

We still love to lift heavy things and move them around, but we focus on a well balanced training regimen. Check out our trainers to find the right fit for you. Thanks for visiting our website.