Tom Vidal


My Personal Training journey began when I realized that I needed it for myself. After 5 years in the Marine Corps I found myself in a bad place – 40 pounds overweight and not knowing what to do. I was under the impression that running 3 times a week was enough to get me back to my active duty weight. That wasn’t the case.

Luckily I found an amazing trainer to help me. It was through my personal transformation that I realized I could help people with what I had learned. I am an NCEP certified personal trainer, ONNIT Battle Rope Specialist.

I offer private (1-on-1), semi-private (2-4), online coaching and a challenging 2 hour OCR class for those of you looking to improve your competitive edge.

Personal Training – by appointment only
Online coaching – all the time
Beast Training (OCR) – Sat 7:00-9:00 AM

The journey will make you faster, stronger and in the end living a healthier life!

For your complimentary assessment email or text me.
or 951-226-5044