Niki DiSera


It all started with a yellow ball and a diamond of dirt, and the rest is history.
All throughout growing up, I was blessed with the sport of softball and was given the opportunity to play all four years at the collegiate level. In those many, many years of playing, softball taught me discipline, determination, and about gaining confidence in myself and my abilities. I also knew firsthand the feeling of community and the importance of surrounding myself with people who shared like-minded goals. Softball has been the platform of what shaped me into the woman I am today and awakened my passion for health and fitness, and I want to share that with others in a fun and sustainable way.

Growing up, I always struggled with low self-worth and not feeling “good enough.” I feel that it is something we all struggle with, and through my own journey of personal growth and self-compassion, I want to pass on those life changing tools. My mission is to inspire health and self-love through personal training and holistic health coaching, all while enjoying the process. I am simply a facilitator of habit change and will support my clients in becoming their best selves.

I am a firm believer of the saying, “as long as you have your health, you have everything.” Our health is what allows us to function properly in our day to day lives and to do the things we desire. Not only do I want you to do things with ease, but I want you to go after your biggest dreams because you have the mental and physical capacity and drive to do so. Whether it be through virtual holistic health coaching, or in person one-on-one personal or small group training, I want to support you in your journey of health and wellness.

I offer one-on-one training, small group training, and sports performance and conditioning with an emphasis on softball players. I am currently working on developing a program for families with young children with clinics on nutritional and body movement education.

To Schedule a session call or text 801-842-5400