Nicole Davis


Nicole’s affinity for physical activity started at a young age. She began dancing at four-years-old and ballet became her first love. She learned hard work, discipline and consistency early on as she trained under a Ballet West principal ballerina. It was then she also learned how to stay focused and calm under pressure, as she performed in front of large audiences. Nicole went on to enjoy dance company in junior high school and, today, continues to have an appreciation for the performing arts.

Nicole had her three children by the time she was 23-years-old and loved being a stay-at-home mom with them as they grew. After the birth of her last child, she experienced postpartum depression, and began to walk for exercise and for therapy to reduce the anxiety and depression. The walking eventually turned into running short distance, then long and she began training for events. Nicole wasn’t the fastest runner, but loved the mental and emotional benefits it provided. She has trained for and ran in short distance events, half marathons and a full marathon. She has also enjoyed training for and participating in several Spartan races and Ragnar.

In 2009, Nicole developed a running injury. The stress fracture on her femur put her running training on hold. It was shortly thereafter that she discovered CrossFit. The mental and physical demand of CrossFit changed the way she had previously thought about fitness. She enjoyed the physical and mental challenge it provided and friendly competition and community she had discovered in her newfound training.

Her CrossFit passion grew into a desire to coach and she received her Level I CrossFit certification in 2010. In 2011, Nicole went on to coach with and be mentored by some of Utah’s finest CrossFit and kettlebell coaches in a local CrossFit gym.

She continued her learning at SLCC and earned a Fitness Technician Associates of Science degree with a Personal Training emphasis along with her NASM-Certified Personal Trainer Certificate in 2012 that she continues to hold and keep current.

That same year, Nicole began coaching at CrossFit Fanatics/ Brickwall CrossFit South, and currently, Iron League Fitness. The ultimate reward for her has been experiencing first hand athletes’ progress and improvement in strength, skill, body-composition, and confidence. She loves group training and the bond and community a fitness class can provide to it’s participants.

Nicole is currently enrolled in a Sports Nutrition Certificate Program at the University of Utah.

Her certifications/qualifications include: Fit Tech Associates of Science, NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification, StrongFirst SFG-1, “Iron Maiden”, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Mobility, and CrossFit Olympic lifting.

Experience includes: Coaching and programming for kettlebells, strength and conditioning, CrossFit, ladies class, CrossFit competition, customized one-on-one training, and nutrition coaching and guidance.

Nicole loves the competition aspect of any training and has competed in many local CrossFit competitions and CrossFit opens, improving each year.

Kettlebells have always been a modality of choice for Nicole, especially because of the compact and simplistic nature of them. Training with kettlebells create real, functional strength and deliver strong, safe results. They can be used for everything from injury rehab to strength and cardio conditioning, and useful in improving balance, core strength and stability.

Nicole’s passion and drive to compete and to become stronger and improve strength led her to training for strength/kettlebell competition in 2015… more specifically the StrongFirst tactical strength challenge that is a biannual event.

Since then, she has placed 8th and 4th and, most currently in April 2016, tied for 1st in the Strongfirst Tactical Strength Challenge women’s open division. The worldwide strength competition includes a max deadlift, max number of strict pullups and max kettlebell snatches. She hit a lifetime deadlift PR of 360 pounds weighing in at 140 pounds at the time of the competition.

The StrongFirst L-1 kettlebell certification was Nicole’s most recent certificate she earned in August of 2016. That same weekend, she was honored to become the 21st female in the world to earn the distinguished title of “Iron Maiden” with a 53 lb. kettlebell single-arm press, 53-lb. kettlebell pistol (one-legged squat) and 53- lb. weighted pull-up. She was humbled, excited and forever changed from the experience, and inspired to share the kettlebell with others.

Nicole is very driven and understands the importance of having short and long term goals for progress, success, happiness and being the hero of your life story. She provides programming, group classes, one-on-one personal training, and small, semi-private classes.

Nicole is married to a landscape artist/contractor and musician. They have 3 amazing sons together and a lovely grandson who all bless and enrich her life.

Contact Nicole at 801-230-3431 or by e-mail

Nicole offers:
Kettlebell class – Tue and Thurs 11:30 AM
KBXT: Kettle Cross-training – Sat 10:00 AM
She also offers personal training, small groups of 2-4 training (30 or 60 min. sessions)