Comfortable and Confident

My training journey began when I realized I was not happy nor confident with who I was. I was made fun of a lot in school because I didn’t look like other girls my age. Always weighing in under 100lbs, people used to call me “skin & bones” I never had any confidence in myself whatsoever. That’s when I decided I no longer wanted to feel this way so I started to make lifestyle changes!

I got a personal trainer that helped me develop a workout plan personalized to my needs. He also helped me with my nutrition which made a tremendous difference in my life. Working with a trainer got me to where I wanted to be & helped me gain the confidence I desired. I loved the experience I had with my trainer & decided to become one myself!

I went on to be a personal trainer at VASA Fitness where I gained more knowledge and understanding. I am a certified functional strength coach, focusing on improving everyday movements & a HKC (hardstyle kettlebell) coach. I am now a new mom looking to get back into shape & share my love for fitness with everyone around me! I want to empower women & men to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies! We are all beautiful and deserve to feel so!

For more information and to schedule a free assessment, call me at 801-651-6619 or email