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October 31, 2016

Train with an Iron Maiden

Nicole’s passion and drive to compete and to become better and stronger led her to strength/ kettlebell competition training in 2015… more specifically the StrongFirst tactical strength challenge that is a biannual event.
Since then, she has placed 8th and 4th and, most currently in April 2016, tied for 1st in the Strongfirst Tactical Strength Challenge women’s open division. The worldwide strength competition includes a max deadlift, max number of strict pullups and max kettlebell snatches. She hit a lifetime deadlift PR of 360 pounds weighing in at 140 pounds at the comp. Nicole is most proud of her StrongFirst L-1 kettlebell certification she earned in August of 2016. In the same weekend at the certification, she became the 21st female in the world to earn the distinguished title of “Iron Maiden” with a 53 lb. kettlebell single-arm press, 53-lb. kettlebell pistol (one-legged squat) and 53-lb. weighted pull-up. She was humbled, excited and forever changed from the experience, inspired to share the kettlebell with others.
Nicole is very driven by goals and understands the importance of having short and long term goals for progress, success, good health and living your best life. Whether it’s to lower blood pressure, lose body fat, to become stronger, compete in an event or to meet that high school reunion body composition deadline, Nicole can help you get there.

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